Kavi, Dallas Newborn Photography

This newborn session, was my second time capturing the Guess Family. The first was a holiday maternity and family session. Once again they were an absolute pleasure to photograph. They had newborn portraits taken with their first child, so they already had an appreciation for the process and an understanding of what the portraits would mean as their new addition grows up. We chose a variety of neutrals for this newborn session. Grays and creams. Having been to their home for the maternity session, I thought these options would fit well with their home decor when they display them.

Baby Kavi, is so handsome and was a joy to photograph. The Guess family is participating in our Baby Plan, so I am excited to capture him during the milestones of his first year of life. 

We recreated this last image based on one they took with their daughter when she was a newborn. This was a new pose for me, and I am always happy to have clients that bring new ideas and push me to grow my photography. I am very proud to say we nailed it!

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